March 23, 2005

CAP, the wealth subsidy scam

From North Sea Diaries is a post detailing some of the obsurdities that are produced by the C[r]AP:
  • The Duke of Marlborough, who owns Blenheim Palace and estate in Oxfordshire, receives £511,435
  • Duke of Richmond, who is ranked 865th in the Rich List and is worth £45 million, was paid £456,404
  • Queen received a cool half million
  • Tate & Lyle got £127 million
  • Sir Richard Sutton, who already has £120 million in the bank, was sent a cheque for £1.1 million
But a poor farmer, you know one of the people that this abomimation is supposed to be helping, only got 31p. While some of the more ludicrous bits of CAP are being reformed, such as being paid to farm and then being paid more to not produce anything, it will still be the case that it is going to be the richest landowners that get the most and the poorest, again the people that they claim it is there to help, the least. CAP is simply a way that tax payers get to subsidise rich landowners and food export corporations, whilst ignoring the poor european farmers, destroying third world farmers (and therefore stoking up the resentment that leads to terrorism), and meaning that we have to pay more for the food as well. A typical EU measure.

The Commision has also deciding that EU farmers should be growing GM crops, despite there being not only no market for them, but a general dislike across Europe and in the face of moritoriums banning the growing of GM crops in some countries. They claim that they have to right to force this despite the wishes of both the European people and the colective parliments of Europe as the parliments of europe have failed to do anything, that is they have not allowed the growing of GM crops. Another victory for EU style democracy, the only course of action that we will recognise is the course of action that we approve. And if you are just doing nothing (with nothing being anything other than the EU way) then we will force you to do it our way.


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